A Quick Guide for New and Old Online Casino Players


Thanks to technology, it’s now possible to play casino online in the comforts of your own house. Regardless of where you play, however, casinos ascribe to gaming industry regulations hence only those of legal age are allowed to play the gaming games.

Make sure you know what to expect. Here are some information about casinos, particularly online casinos, and online casino games.

Online Casinos

What to expect when playing casino games

The “best casino games” are actually a matter of personal choice. What might work you might not work for other people, especially since casino gaming is a game of chance. But generally speaking, it’s always better to play a game that has a two percent house edge or lower, especially if you’re just starting out. This way, you can learn how to build up on your winnings instead of losing. Some games that have the lowest house edge are single deck Blackjack or slot games.

Pros and cons of online casinos

There are some advantages and disadvantages to both online casino and live casino. When you’re gambling online, you don’t have to interact with other people. You don’t have to contain your emotions when you win or lose a game since you won’t be bothering anyone else. You don’t have to follow a dress code or observe proper behavior, which is strictly expected if you’re in a live casino.

However, you may encounter some problems with your computer set-up or connection, which could affect your gaming experience at an online casino. To avoid this, you have to ensure that the specifications of your computer equipment and gadgets meet the technical requirements.

For some casino players, nothing beats the authenticity of being in a live casino. Some want to observe other players or watch the dealers’ hand up close, which aren’t possible in an online setup.

If it’s your first time playing at a casino, the experience will be vastly different if you’re in a physical establishment. You’ll get that rush upon seeing and hearing the sights and sounds, much like being in an amusement park. However, that novelty may wear off if you’re a regular player and you are likely going to look for the convenience of an online casino better than a live casino in the long run.

Fairness in casino games

For first-time players, losing a casino game because of the house edge might seem unfair. Understand, however, that a casino is a business and it is designed to operate for profit. It’s necessary for casinos to establish a house edge to keep the business afloat. But you can expect a reputable casino, whether online or in a physical location, to be fair and honest because they have to protect their business. Otherwise, they could be investigated and shut down if they fool players.

Winning in casinos

Casinos are obligated to pay up the amount won since they are expected to have liquidity. This is part of their compliance with regulation. But casinos may ask players to stop gambling if their winning streak is suspicious.

A list of the best casino sites today

Some of the best live casinos operate in Las Vegas (North America), Macau (Asia) and Monaco (Europe). If you’re looking for online casinos, however, some of the most reputed sites are:

  • 777 Casino
  • 888 Casino
  • Bet Rally
  • Casino Las Vegas
  • Casino On Net
  • Reefclub Casino

In the Arab culture, gambling for money is still not widely accepted yet some of the best online casino sites are Arab online casinos. These facilities provide a variety of games, excellent customer support, as well as a secure and convenient financial system.

  • Kuwait – Most online casino sites in Kuwait cater to expats and foreigners. Once in while the authorities make checks and investigations but the gambling laws in this country aren’t established so sending someone to jail for gambling rarely happens.
  • Qatar – The government make efforts to block online casinos but Qataris and foreigners based in this country use VPN to access the sites. Online sports betting or camel racing betting is also pretty popular in this country.
  • Saudi Arabia – With no clear regulations against online gambling, online casinos continue to thrive in this country. The periodical censorship from the government may be an inconvenience but there is always a workaround.
  • United Arab Emirates – The law may prohibit gambling but the government is basically hands-off when it comes to offshore casinos or online casinos that have foreign licenses. Compliance in the UAE is more relaxed versus other Arab regions.


Blackjack for Beginners: Things to Take Note of

Blackjack, also known as Twenty-One, is a popular casino gambling game. It looks fairly easy to play but it takes skills and mastery of strategy to be able to win against the house in a big way. The objective of Blackjack is to make sure that you have a set of cards better than the dealer’s. Ideally, your “hand” or cards should be exactly 21 or lower than the dealer’s hand.

How blackjack is played

Players make their bets at the start of the game. The dealer then starts handing out two cards per player, which should equal to 21 or lower. His cards, on the other hand, will be on the table with one facing up for you to see and compare with yours.

  • Ask for a “hit” if you think you still need a third or fourth card to beat the dealer’s.
  • Ask for a “hold” if you think your two cards are enough.
  • Declare a “split” if you want to separate your cards to two sets. Take note that doing this may either make you win big or lose a lot of many so you have to carefully consider the risks.
  • Declare a “double down” if you’re confident of your cards and would like to increase your bet.
  • Your card is a “bust” if it goes beyond 21.

The Ace cards are valued at either 1 or 11. The face cards (king, queen and jack) are valued at 10. If you have an Ace and any of the face cards, you automatically have a 21 or Blackjack and you win the game.

Winning ways in Blackjack

Practice makes perfect. If you keep playing, you will learn to develop your own strategy. Try reading up on Blackjack techniques as well, or watch other players on YouTube to get some tips.

The truth is this takes practice and learning how to compare your cards with other players. Professional Blackjack players have been doing this for years and yet some still make mistakes in their strategy since a huge part of Blackjack is still a game of chance.

Generally, however, should go with a hit if you have two cards lower than 8 in total. Carefully take note of the dealer’s card as well and if his shown card is lower than 10, it’s also good to get another hit. But always go with a hold if you’ve got 17 to 21 on your hand.

Is card counting cheating? Some players call card counting or comparing a strategy but many casinos frown on this practice so they have ways to deter card counters. In an online casino, card counting will be pretty useless since you’re going to play with a machine. It’s better to come up with a different strategy if you like to play Blackjack on the Internet.

Blackjack in online casinos

Apart from the technical aspect, there is nothing different as far as playing is concerned. If you’re confused at an online casino Blackjack, however, you can click “Help” on the screen to guide you.


Is there such a Thing as Secrets to Winning in Roulette?

Roulette, or “little wheel” in French, is a type of gambling game that requires a ball to be dropped while the wheel is revolving. This wheel has different numbers in the red or black background. As with other casino games, Roulette is a game of chance but if you strategize on placing your bets, you can increase your odds at winning.

A typical Roulette table has a Roulette wheel on one corner and the rest is an extended surface covered in felt. The table has segments of numbers ranging from 1 to 36 in colors black and red. This is where players put their bets.

After making a bet, the Roulette wheel is turned and as a single ball is dropped. The winning number is determined wherever this ball lands on the Roulette table.

Now, there are also green boxes on the table with labels like 0, 00, 1 to 12, 1 to 18, 13 to 24, 19 to 36, 25 to 36, or 2 to 1. These are called outside bets, while the red and black numbers are inside bets. Some players believe that your chances of winning are higher if you make outside bets but it’s really still a matter of strategy and game of chance.

American Roulette wheel versus a European Roulette wheel

There’s not much difference between these two types of tables in terms of concepts, strategies, and rules. The only thing that sets the American Roulette apart from the European version is the presence of the 00 green on the table.

Placing bets on the Roulette table

It’s possible to place as many bets and that’s part of the excitement in this game. In fact, if you come up with different betting combinations then you’ll likely raise your odds of winning. Sometimes, the casino may even announce special bets and you can bet on those too.

The outside bets are fairly simple but it covers extensive odds. The bigger take is on the inside bets and you can adapt these basic betting strategies in your game:

  • Go for a “straight” by pouring your money on one number in red or black.
  • Try to “split” your bet with two numbers beside each other.
  • Betting on a “street” means you’re on the lookout for three consecutive numbers.
  • A “six line” means you’re betting on a neighbouring set of numbers in a row.
  • A “corner” bet means that you’re placing a bet on four numbers forming a square.
  • Go for a “trio” if you’re betting on a 0 and the two numbers beside it.
  • Bet for a “basket” if you go with a 0, 1 red, 1 black, 3 red and 0 green.

There are enthusiastic online casino players who make use of mathematical equations to determine their betting strategy and chances of winning. Try reading up on the Martingale and the Fibonacci system if you’re interested to learn more betting techniques. But for fairly new players, the best Roulette betting strategy would be to star small. Take a feel of your game first and put money on the outside bets. Once you gain confidence, you can start betting on the inside numbers.

The pros and cons of playing online roulette

Apart from the technical aspect, there’s no difference at all. The rules and strategies are also the same. But online Roulettes might have more variety. Some online casinos offer bonuses, free tryouts, special deals, and special bets to encourage players and to make the game more fun. Before you enter an online casino Roulette, make sure to read up on its rules and processes.


The Best Online Casino Game for Beginners

Slots is a type of casino game where you’re up against a machine, regardless if you’re playing this live or online. This gambling game goes by many different names: slot machines, pokies or poker machines. Depending on where you’re playing, there are thousands of slots game to choose with different payouts.

The joy of playing online slots

Live casinos might have the latest games available but when it comes to comfort and convenience, online slots beat physical slot machines since you can play the game anywhere and anytime you want. Also, you don’t have to wait for someone else to finish your favourite game because it will always be ready for you in an online setup.

Playing slots online is a pretty straightforward game. Just choose what type of game you like, place your bet and then push the buttons or touch the screen to let the machine roll. The point of slots is to match the symbols once the machine stops moving.

It’s hard to say that some slots are better than the others because a player’s preference is still the most important factor in telling what slot machine is better. If you don’t try a game, however, you won’t know if you’ll like it and with so many games to choose from, it’s not always possible to determine which slot machine is really better.

But in terms of gaining a winning odd, it’s always best to play a slot machine with the highest payout or return. To know which machines these are, you can simply look for the details of the machine on online and read forums or groups where people discuss their slot machine strategies. Sometimes, however, the details of the machine are available on an online casino’s Help guide.

You can probably also try looking for these slot games because these have been popular for years.

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Reel ‘Em In
  • Double Diamond
  • Megabucks
  • Monopoly

How to win against a slot machine

The combinations on the slot machine are generated at random but there are still plenty of people who have come out winning big after playing a few rounds. Actually, the real strategy is in balancing your game. This means you have to consider the amount of your bet against the size of the winning pot, alongside the amount of time you’ve poured playing on the machine. Having fun at the slots is also quite important.

So, if you’ve been on the slot machine for more than three hours, for example, and have only won like $100, then this is not a good strategy. Take a break, log out and then come back when you’re no longer have gaming fatigue.

There are slot gamers who spend hours on the machine without winning anything substantial. Meanwhile, others sit down for a few minutes and end up walking away with thousands of money. Hence, the belief in the hot or cold pattern of slot machines persist. But despite how fun and exciting this may sound, this still remains a myth.

Get in the Fun and Play Online Casino Games Today

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