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4475 Mission Blvd., Suite 212
Pacific Beach, CA 92109


KONOS SURF CLUB, Breakfast and Lunch at The Crystal Pier

The Most Popular Breakfast Spot in Pacific Beach & San Diego

Pacific Beach Online.com Peoples Choice Award for
"Most Popular Breakfast Place in Pacific Beach"
704 Garnet Avenue
(next to the Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach)
Pacific Beach San Diego Ca., 92019
Phone: 858-483-1669
Open from 7AM until 3PM 7 Days a Week.

When it comes to the most popular breakfast place at the beach Konos is the winner. KONOS Surf Club offers a great walk up and order style which allows them to serve hundreds daily without waiting a long time to eat. Konos has an express style kitchen which allows them to get the lines to move faster than any other restaurant in Pacific Beach. When it come to seating this place has the best oceanfront seating in San Diego since one of their dining areas is actually a deck on the Crystal Pier itself. This allows you to watch great surfing action while eating.

If you are looking for a real "Southern California" style restaurant that has a great indoor and outdoor ocean view seating area then KONOS breakfast or lunch is a good call.

Be sure to get there early since the lines can get long, especially on the weekends. The wait is well worth it and you will enjoy watching boardwalk traffic and surfers as you wait anyway!

Photo by Pacific Beach Online.com

The indoor seating area at Konos Surf Club filled with all types of surfing memorabelia.

Photo by Pacific Beach Online.com

Put in your order and grab some coffee and enjoy the great KONOS scenery with surf movies being played indoors and plenty of live surfing to watch outdoors.

Photo by Pacific Beach Online.com

Martin (the person at the cash register) has been working at KONOS for years. Just take a look at the menu and let him know what you would like. KONOS serves both lunch and breakfast along with plenty of smiles.

Photo by Pacific Beach Online.com

One of the seating areas behind KONOS which sits right on the boardwalk and is full of bikers and walkers. The surf watch section of KONOS is to the left of this photo. This area outside also has the "specialty coffees" including mochas and flavored coffeee drinks.

Photo by Pacific Beach Online.com

Bagels with fresh fruiit for a healthy choice.

Photo by Pacific Beach Online.com

The pancakes and french toast are also very popular and delicious!

Photo by Pacific Beach Online.com

The outdoor seating area on the Crystal Pier, the best at the beach!

Photo by Pacific Beach Online.com

Come out here and wait in great happiness for breakfast while you watch the surfers and hear the waves crashing.

Photo by Pacific Beach Online.com

KONOS Surf Club Pacific Beach

Photo by Pacific Beach Online.com

Map and Driving Directions to Konos Surf Club and Breakfast

Click Here for a Map and Driving Directions
to KONOS Surf Club at 704 Garnet Avenue

Photo by Pacific Beach Online.com

Here is the front of KONOS, the legendary Pacific Beach breakfast spot and the very first building on Garnet Avenue from the ocean.

Pacific Beach Online.com Peoples Choice Award for
"Most Popular Breakfast Place in Pacific Beach"
704 Garnet Avenue
(next to the Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach)
Pacific Beach San Diego Ca., 92019
Phone: 858-488-1669
Open from 7AM until 3PM 7 Days a Week.

Photo by Pacific Beach Online.com

Konos exhibits the true surfing feeling of Southern California and it's classic surfing reputation.

Photo by Pacific Beach Online.com

Photo by Pacific Beach Online.com

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